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Exclusively representing TRIBE⁷ lenses in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

Elevating Cinematic Artistry

As the exclusive distributors of Tribe⁷ products in Europe, we take immense pride in being at the vanguard of cinematic ingenuity on the continent and down under. Our distinguished position allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing both sales and rental options for the entire Tribe⁷ product line. This means that filmmakers and production houses can not only acquire but also experience firsthand the transformative capabilities of Tribe⁷’s groundbreaking technologies.

Our commitment goes beyond mere transactions. It’s a commitment to empowering creators with the tools they need to transcend artistic boundaries. By choosing us as your Tribe partner, you gain more than just products – you gain a collaborative ally dedicated to your creative journey.


TRIBE⁷’s BLACKWING⁷ lenses are tailored for large format motion picture imaging, providing filmmakers with a versatile range of optics. Featuring controlled distortion for unique imaging properties, these lenses offer tuneability over key parameters like sharpness and contrast. Inspired by both vintage optics and experimental music, they offer a musical fidelity that enhances artistic resonance.
TRIBE⁷ continues to innovate with a new addition to the BLACKWING⁷ family – SLATE. The SLATE concept is an industry first – a uniquely re-useable, digitally reconfigurable clapperboard that requires no charging or external power to operate.

SKIN allows any BLACKWING⁷ prime lens, of any manufactured tuning, to take on a new range of creative looks through replacement front lens elements. These front elements are designed to be more responsive with tungsten and warmer light sources, inspired by glass made during the “Thorium years”.

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